Linlithgow, Scotland


About us

Strangers Brewing Co. make great beer from quality local ingredients at our microbrewery on Narrowboat Farm, Linlithgow. Distinctive, delicious, and clearly rooted in the local landscape, our hand-made beers will take their flavours from what’s growing on the farm and the surrounding Scottish countryside.

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Bringing brewing back to Linlithgow

Good beer is a beautifully simple thing at its heart, and our purpose is to remind people of that. It’s about bringing us together, creating community and turning strangers into friends.

We want to make beer that’s full of flavour yet balanced, interesting without being ‘wacky’. We make beer that we enjoy drinking, instead of just following what everyone else is doing. The Strangers Brewing Co. range will include craft-brewed lagers, pale ales, bitters, red ales, porters and stouts. Our specials will take their inspiration from the seasons, and their exciting new flavours from what is growing on the farm. From time to time we’ll also be sourcing creative ideas (and ingredients) from the community we hope to build.

How Strangers Brewing Co. began

While Strangers Brewing Co. is just getting started, our founder Brett has been making beer for himself, family and friends for many years. His love of brewing with natural, local ingredients began when his granny passed on some old brewing equipment and her recipes for homemade wine. He has been making interesting brews ever since.

From and for the farm

Everything we do here is designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Many of our ingredients will be picked or foraged from our eco-friendly farm, and waste products from brewing will be re-used for other purposes (the pigs are quite partial to the spent grain!). What’s more, all our packaging will be recyclable and plastic-free.

A collective approach

Just as Linlithgow’s patron saint is known to be ‘kinde to strangers’, we too want to create a friendly community at Strangers Brewing Co. Our community members will get the first chance to buy our beer through their monthly subscription, where members are also given the opportunity to share feedback and suggestions for future special beers.

We’re also an active part of the local community here in Linlithgow, and will be thinking about how we can use our spent grain and hops in grow-your-own groups based from the farm.

What’s brewing…

Crowdfunder Now Live

Crowdfunder Now Live

 I’m really excited to announce that our crowdfunder is now live! When we launched a few weeks ago, lots of people got in touch to offer their support, so a crowdfunder seemed like a really good way for people to get involved. As well as helping us to get the brewery...

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Elderflower is in season – test-brewing our LPA

Elderflower is in season – test-brewing our LPA

The elder trees around Linlithgow are in full bloom at the moment, so I have been busy this week foraging and test-brewing. Over the past few days I’ve been collecting elderflowers from the farm and a couple of other places across town, to help add some local flavour...

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