Crowdfunder Now Live

I’m really excited to announce that our crowdfunder is now live! When we launched a few weeks ago, lots of people got in touch to offer their support, so a crowdfunder seemed like a really good way for people to get involved. As well as helping us to get the brewery fully up and running later this year, I hope that it’ll start to build a genuine community around the brewery – and give supporters an opportunity to be part of something incredible!

As well as rewards like our ‘beer for a year’ prize draw and cases of ‘first batch’ beer, there is also an exclusive Founding Member reward. Limited to 100 individuals, members will be invited to exclusive Founders-only tasting and feedback events to input into the business as it grows, as well as receiving a 10% discount for 2 years, being given the first chance to buy each new beer, and be honoured with their name on the Founders Wall in the brewery.

Your support will help us to:

  • Buy microbrewery kit and fermentation tanks to help us make amazing beer! The more pledges we receive, the bigger and better the kit we can buy;
  • Create a new wetland habitat on the farm, to help us increase biodiversity at the farm whilst managing our drainage sustainably. This will be great for the environment and will also help us practically manage the water from the brewery;
  • Plant fruit trees (and other edible plants) to provide delicious, local ingredients for the beers and create even more habitats for birds, pollinators and animals;

You can find all the rewards and more about the project at – have a look, share and tell your friends!