Strangers Brewing Co. plants its first trees

planting apple trees at strangers brewing co

Our rural home at Narrowboat Farm is an important part of what makes Strangers Brewing Co. unique. Being on the farm gives us access to interesting ingredients, and gives us the opportunity to link in with a range of communities and businesses that are connected by this special place. That’s why, when we first set out on this great brewing adventure, we knew that we wanted to try to give something back to our local environment. So, as part of our crowdfunder last year, we offered the chance for our supporters to pledge to plant a tree. Thanks to their generosity, we’re now ready to plant our first trees here at Strangers Brewing Co.


We ordered as many fruit trees and fruit bushes that we could, based on the pledges that we received. They arrived this week, and we’re busy away finding a home for our new arrivals. This includes a whopping 16 trees (apples, plums, damsons and blackthorn) and 18 fruit bushes (including raspberries, gooseberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and jostaberries). Incredible!

strangers brewing co trees

A lasting legacy

Did you know, an average apple tree might grow for as many as 80 years? By planting these trees and bushes at Strangers Brewing Co., we hope we’re leaving a legacy for years to come. In the nearer term, we can’t wait to see what fruit they bear and how we can use these wonderful natural ingredients in our beers. We already have Sloe Road, a porter using local sloes – just wait until the rest of the fruits mature and we’ll start experimenting. Raspberry wheat beer anyone?