Hopping Towards Sustainability: How Breweries Are Crafting Greener Beer

This edition of the blog was guest written by freelance writer Holly Dodd – you can get in touch with her at holly.dodd@contentncoffee.com or at her website here

At Strangers Brewing Co. we operate on a mantra of sustainability, crafting small batches on Narrowboat Farm. We offer a taste of the local landscape, without damaging it.

As summer approaches, the local beer garden is calling your name. So when you enjoy a refreshing pint on a sunny afternoon, consider choosing a drink that tastes good, and does good at the same time…

Green Brewing Initiatives

It’s an exciting time in the world of brewing, as innovators and visionaries are leading the charge towards a greener future. In large-scale ‘macro’ beer production, there’s little focus on green initiatives, but smaller microbreweries are changing the game. Taking an eco-friendly approach minimises environmental impact without skimping on the quality of your beer.

Recyclable Packaging

The craft beer scene is getting a green makeover and moving towards recyclable materials. Away with plastic and in with biodegradable packaging options and cardboard. This shift makes it easier for manufacturers and consumers to do their part in reducing waste and giving back to the environment. Using cans (rather than bottles) is greener as they are easier to recycle and cheaper to transport.

Conscious Transport & Local Ingredients

And speaking of transport, the distance your beer travels has a direct impact on the environment. Each mile counts, and opting for cleaner fuel sources can massively cut down on emissions. With the future steering away from petrol and diesel, more breweries are looking for more sustainable fuel alternatives; in fact we’ll be upgrading to an electric van in June this year! Using all Scottish base malts (and other local ingredients where we can) is another way to reduce beer miles and our carbon footprint.

Solar Energy

Harnessing the power of the sun to brew your next pint is a much bigger green investment. But for many breweries, switching to solar reduces emissions and takes them a step closer to energy independence. It’s a clear choice for a sustainable future – and an added bonus, it lowers energy bills! Money saved is money that can be reinvested into other green initiatives. We’re not there yet, but in the longer-term we’d love to start generating our own energy at Narrowboat Farm.

Choose cask

Real ale – where the beer is carbonated naturally through secondary formation inside the cask – is the most sustainable way to get your beer. Cask beer is a live product that is less heavily processed than keg beer and needs no external CO2 added, so it’s better for the environment overall.

Your Role in the Green Revolution

But it’s not just breweries that can make a difference. Your choices matter too!

Shopping for Alcohol

Keep an eye out for brands that highlight their commitment to community and environment on their labels. These small signs point to big impacts like partnering with other local businesses and inventive ways their reducing their carbon footprint.

Choose Local Breweries

By choosing a local brewery, you’re championing local produce and injecting life into the local economy. Plus, the short travel distance for ingredients means fresher, better-quality beer for you and a smaller carbon footprint.

This summer, join us in thinking green. Venture out to your local pub or buy from your local brewery and raise a glass to a choice that feels good, tastes incredible, and does a world of good. Cheers to a summer of sustainable sipping!