It’s party time!

It feels like summer is properly upon us now, and that means party season is fast approaching. Quite a few people have asked me whether it’s possible to get some draught Strangers beers for their summer events, so we’ve been thinking about the best way to do that.

So, I’m really excited that we’ve created a really simple ‘party package’, meaning you can set up a portable bar and pour pints pretty much anywhere you like. We now have a portable draught beer dispenser that’s really easy to use, and comes with an in-built chiller that cools the beer as your pour – so no need for complicated fittings or messing around with gas bottles. All you need is a table to put the beer taps on and a standard 230v plug socket nearby.

The party package includes 2 x 30 litre (53 pint) kegs of Strangers Beers, as well as 2 or 3 day hire of the beer dispenser. This means you’ll get over 100 pints of pub-standard beer at a great price, with zero cleaning up of cans and bottles (though of course we can supply more kegs if you think you’ll need them!). We’ll aim to have a selection of our beers in stock, so you’ll be able to choose the beers that you’d like to pour, and you can choose two different beers, or have two of the same. And if you want to hire pint glasses for your event that we can do that too.

At the moment this will be a local service only – within around 10 miles of the brewery – but we may be able to stretch that if you’re a bit further afield.

I’m excited to see lots of pints being poured this summer!