Strangers Brewing Co.

Strangers Brewing Co. sits in an old veg shed on Narrowboat Farm, an eco-friendly market garden farm in central Scotland. We have been brewing here since 2021, making distinctive, delicious, craft beer with a local flavour. Our aim is to make good beer that brings people together, creates community and turn strangers into friends.

At Strangers Brewing Co. we brew craft beer, by hand in small batches. We have a core range of beers which are available all year round, as well as seasonal specials that take their flavours from what’s growing on the farm and the surrounding Scottish countryside. We want to make beer that’s full of flavour yet balanced, interesting without being ‘wacky’. We make beer that we enjoy drinking, instead of just following what everyone else is doing.



We create beers that have a genuine local provenance, sourcing the finest ingredients from as close to our Linlithgow brewery as we can. Our base malts – the backbone of all our beers – come from Crafty Maltsters in Fife, less than 25miles away as the crow flies. Their barley is sown, grown, harvested and malted by the family team on their farm, ensuring that the malt in our beers is a high-quality product that is made with love.

Our seasonal specials have a wide range of local ingredients too; taking their inspiration from what is growing on the farm or nearby when we are brewing. So that might mean a summer ale with home-grown raspberries or local elderflower, a winter porter with foraged sloes, or adding our own coriander seed to give some spice to a wheat beer.

Where we began


Before starting Stranger Brewing Co., our founder Brett had been making beer for himself, family and friends for many years. His love of brewing with natural, local ingredients began when his granny passed on some old brewing equipment and her recipes for homemade wine. He has been making interesting brews ever since.



As a responsible brewery based on an eco-friendly farm, we strive to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. This means using as many local ingredients as we can, and re-using waste products from the brewing process back on the farm. We use cans rather than bottles as this is more environmentally friendly, and all our packaging is recyclable. As a business we will aim to become carbon ‘net zero’ in the short-term.

Our charity and community work

A collective approach

Our name and our logo come from Linlithgow’s town motto, which talks about being ‘kinde to strangers’. We’ll be living this ethos by giving back to the community that we are part of.

We support local charities on an ongoing basis, we pledge to put 10% of our profits back into local causes.

We are an active part of the local community here in Linlithgow, and you’ll see us at the local markets and community events. We have created collaborations with other local businesses, and even brewed some beers with ingredients crowdsourced from local gardens!

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