Lithgae Lager

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Pilsner – 4.5%

Lithgae Lager is a refreshing, light coloured Pilsner with a crisp finish. Spicy and floral notes from our mix of classic noble hops.

Lithgae Lager is also Gluten Free.


This delicious pale Pilsner has a distinctive spicy and floral flavour and aroma from our mix of noble hops, with a clean, crisp finish. Thirst-quenching and easy-drinking, Lithgae Lager hits the spot every time. This beer was brewed with barley malt, but has been crafted to remove any gluten present in the finished beer. Independent testing shows that the beer is verified gluten free. Analysis shows the beer has fewer than 10 parts-per-million of gluten present; food and drink with below 20 ppm can be labelled gluten free in the UK. Research shows that this tiny amount of gluten is not toxic to people with coeliac disease and they can eat or drink unlimited amounts of product with gluten at a level of 20 ppm or less.

ABV  4.5%
Colour  Pale straw
Hops  Tettnang, Saaz, Lubelski
Malt  Lager malt
Other ingredients  None
Core range / Seasonal brew  Seasonal brew
Vegetarian / Vegan? Vegan
Allergens? Barley malt (gluten) used in production of the beer, but finished beer verified gluten free


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  1. Norman Middleton

    all good stuff

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