Strangers Brewing Co. – coming soon!

It is really exciting to announce the launch of a new microbrewery at Narrowboat Farm in Linlithgow.

At Strangers Brewing Co., our aim will be to make great beer from quality local ingredients. Distinctive, delicious, and clearly rooted in the local landscape, our hand-made beers will take their flavours from what’s growing on the farm and the surrounding Scottish countryside.

We want to make beer that’s full of flavour yet balanced, interesting without being ‘wacky’. So we’ll make beer that we enjoy drinking, instead of just following what everyone else is doing. Our specials will take their inspiration from the seasons, and their exciting new flavours from what is growing on the farm. From time to time we’ll also be sourcing creative ideas (and ingredients) from the community we hope to build.

Just as Linlithgow’s patron saint is known to be ‘kinde to strangers’, we too want to create a friendly community at Strangers Brewing Co. We are right at the start of getting the brewery going, so it’ll be early 2022 before you’ll be able to sample the beer – but please sign up to the newsletter to stay in touch and abreast of our progress over the coming months.