What’s in a name? The story behind our beer names

Cockleroi Hill inspiration for our best bitter

Shakespeare may well have said that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but here at Strangers Brewing Co., names are important to us. Inspired by our surroundings and the ingredients that come from them, there is a story behind the name of each delicious beer as well as the brewery itself.


Based in Linlithgow, Scotland, we’re proud of our local heritage. The town’s patron saint is St Michael, and on the local monuments in his honour you’ll find the motto ‘St. Michael is Kinde to Strangers’. We believe that good beer can bring people together, and that being kind to strangers makes the world a better place. So, inspired by our local motto, we named ourselves Strangers Brewing Co., and we pledge to give something back to our friendly local community in Linlithgow as well as just making great beer.

Linlithgow patron St Michael is kinde to strangers


Our pale ale / lager hybrid, Suntrap, is the kind of drink that makes you think of summer all year round. Our inspiration for the name actually comes from a special spot not too far from here – Linlithgow Cricket Club. The ground has an area that catches the best of the summer sunshine, attracting a good gathering of spectators and post-match players for an afternoon drink. John Strachan (a player at the club) suggested the name, and if fact the cricket club will hopefully be stocking Suntrap soon as well!


To give our dry-hopped Pale Ale a twist, we’ve used honey from the hives here at Narrowboat Farm, just 20m away from the brewery. What better name to give this tasty beer than the very stuff collected by these busy bees?

Nectar Pale Ale bees strangers brewing co

Narrowboat Farm

While we’re on the farm, it would be remiss of us not to give a nod to our wonderful neighbours and friends at Narrowboat Farm. In fact, some of our customers live on their canal boats right next to the brewery! We wanted to name our traditional British IPA to reflect both Narrowboat Farm itself and the communities that make our canalside location extra special. Cheers to that!


A little further away, but not much, stands a well-known local landmark, Cockleroi Hill. As keen walkers, we love a trip with the dog up this gentle hill, and the amazing views of the Forth Valley you can see at the top. Better yet, we love coming down and enjoying a pint at the end, which is why we couldn’t resist naming our Best Bitter Cockleroi.

Cockleroi Hill inspiration for our best bitter

Sloe Road

While this Light Porter doesn’t take its name from a local landmark, it is all about its unusual ingredient, which we foraged from the surrounding countryside. Sloe Road is a light, dry beer which is a twist on the traditional porter.


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